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thebooklover's Journal

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1. Another book community?

Yes and no.

2. ...Why?

I got tired of looking at all the communities about books that were mostly unorganized messes. There would be random book reviews that would make most of Amazon.com's look like they were written by Shaskeapre. There would be like five different posts about the new Harry Potter book on just one day. I stumled across some good book blogs and wanted a community like those, a mixture of thought out reviews and thoughtful essays. So here we are!

3. Cool! Can I post something?

I would love it! However, to avoid thebooklover from turning into one gaint mess, I keep the posting entries to just me. If you would like to post something, a book review, essay, etc., please email your entry to me. If I like it and feel that it belongs here, I will give you posting access and invite you to be a guest columnist for a bit. After five entries, you will be invited to be a regular columnist, meaning you can post without me having to look over it first.

4. But I can comment, right?

Sure, anyone can comment. However, please keep it apporiate. Meaning, no foul lanauge or pictures and keep the comment on topic.

5. Why haven't you updated?

I am a full time college student, who works and has duties to her sorority. (Insert dumb sorority girl joke here.) With all that said, I will try to update at least weekly. This is why I encourage people to submit stuff to be read.

6. What makes a good review/essay?

A good review should have at least three paragraphs to it, in my opinion. It should be thoughtful and have full words in it. NO NET SPEAK! A good review should also be of a book that has widespread appeal. Obsure fanstay or sci-fi novels are discouraged. However, something by Tamore Priece or Marion Zimmer Bradly would be fine.

A good essay can be a review that is a bit more indepth, including the history of the author and how their life ties into the novel. Fictionailzed memoirs are good for this. I'm pretty loose on what can be a good essay, thought I encourage them to be at least three paragraphs.

7. The book I want to review has already been done, now what do I do?

It avoid seeing the same books over and over, please check the memories. If a book you want to review has already been done, please post your review to that essay. Once the community gets more busy, I will have a post at the end of the week citing where the recent activity has been.

8. You misspelled something!

That's bound to happen. I'm an English major, but I am a horrible speller. If you see something misspelled, please point it out in a comment.

9. Anything else?

Don't think so, but I'll let ya know!